Civil Hospital Karachi – Radiology Department Renovation.

Project Details


Radiology Department

It is estimated that the Radiology Department at CHK handles 250 to 300 daily conventional X-Rays procedures. There are only 4 functional machines that are 20 years old, one film auto-processor and one printer. The building itself is in a severe state of disrepair. There is no facility for CT scanning or MRI. This is the state of affairs at one of the largest public hospitals in the country which boasts 1000 beds and is associated with our beloved teaching institution.


Project Beginnings

The Class of 79 began planning for its Silver Jubilee re-union in September 2003. Before us were examples of classes having completed useful projects for CHK at the time of their own 25 year reunions.

Class of 76:      Emergency Operating Room

Class of 77:      OB/GYN Labor Room

Class of 78:      Operating Room complex. (In progress)


The committee in Karachi went through a series of possible projects that included consideration of ophthalmology department upgrade, OPD waiting area uplift, out patient lab improvement, Pediatric ward improvement, Research Grants, ACLS/ATLS labs, improving the library computer system, providing online access facilities, setting up conference rooms in wards, setting up a dedicated CHF clinic. However in the end it settled for contributing its energies towards the uplift of the Radiology Department.


This project offered flexibility, in the sense that a lot of latitude exits in what could be done for this department. The original “dream” project estimated raising funds to the extent of not only renovating the department but also adding X-Ray machines to the unit. On the other hand if lesser amounts of funds are raised, the initial objectives of improving the layout of the department could be accomplished, laying the foundation for continued improvements in the future both in terms of equipment and lay out.


Project Members

The committee in Karachi is headed by Prof. Naheed Sultan (Surgical Unit II) and other members in Karachi overseeing this project include:

Dr. Salahuddin Afsar - Professor of Medicine (Medical IV),

Dr. Idrees Aidhi - Prof of Ophthalmology,

Dr. Farrukh Abdali,

Dr. Shoaib Sobani,

Dr. Najum Feroze Mahmudi

Dr. Rafique Khanani - Asst. Prof. Pathology (SMC),

Dr. Saleem Ilyas - Asst. Prof. Neurology,

Dr. Talat Mirza,

Dr. Aslam Siddiqee,

Dr. Fauzia Minai, (Radiologist)

Dr .Humeira Ahsan

Dr. Shershah Syed- Prof of Gynecology,

and many others.


In USA the project was presented at the annual Dow Alumni meeting in Washington DC this June 2004. Funds donated are being collected under the DOGANA banner. DOGANA president Dr. Zia Moiz is overseeing the collection and disbursement of the funds.


Government Involvement

The Govt. of Sindh has promised to add CT and MRI equipment to this unit.


[Dawn May 27, 2004, LOCAL section. “KARACHI: Radiology unit at CHK upgraded”

DAWN June 25, 2004. LOCAL section. “KARACHI: Rs1.01bn set aside for health in PSDP”]


More details will be posted as developments occur.